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Water Filters

Water filters come in many types and choosing the right one is down to your circumstances and requirements.

The first thing you should be clear of is the reason for filtering the water, is it to produce drinking water, sterile water for clinical usage or water for recreational usage such as fountains or swimming pools. 

Reverse Osmosis is the ultimate water filtration process removing almost all impurities and potentially stripping water of some of the benefits it has when in a natural state. Our bodies have evolved to expect water to contain traces of impurities and some degree of biological flora and fauna which is normal in natural water sources. 

Carbon Filtration mechanically strips out particles and can be very effective in removing bad tastes and odours which can taint water sources. 

Ceramic water filtration is similar to carbon water filtration in that particles are physically prevented from passing through the filtration barrier. 

This is a short introduction to water filtration and we hope to ad information on an ongoing basis.

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