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Plumbed in Water Cooler Installation Check List

Installing a plumbed in water cooler is usually a quick and easy job, taking generally no more than an hour. About 85% of offices currently with bottled water are suitable for plumbed in water coolers, but there are some points to bear in mind. Here is a simple (but not exhaustive) check list to see if your location is suitable for a plumbed in water cooler.

There are two main elements to consider for a plumbed in water cooler water supply and electric supply. 

Water Cooler Installation Overview Check list 

1) Does your building have mains water supply or verified drinking water supply? 

If yes you can proceed to Question 2 No then you are unable to have a plumbed in cooler unless you get a drinking water supply to the location. 

2) Is the location you wish the cooler near (2-3 m) to a mains water pipe or drinking water supply pipe? 

If yes then assuming you are not is a listed building then installation should be fairly straight forward. You should inform the installation company of there is anything like a 3 ft thick wall or electrical cupboard between the pipe and the chosen location just to be sure. 

3) Do you know where the mains water pipe is located? 

If you do then there will probably be some way to get the pipe to the location you want the cooler but you may want to consider the route the pipe will take and how it may look aesthetically. Suspended ceilings or raised floors allow for pipes to be laid fairly easily. If you do not know where the pipes are then it may be an idea to speak to your landlord facilities people or caretaker. Its not usually difficult to trace in a small building but in large buildings caution should be exercised to ensure pipes are clearly identified before any work is undertaken. 

4) Where is the nearest electrical power socket? 

Electrics are a lot more straight forward as sockets are usually readily identifiable. Power cords on water coolers are sometimes fixed and may be approximately a meter or a little longer. Some coolers have detachable power cords like kettle power cords, these are usually about 1.5m long but longer ones can be purchased separately. If no power is located nearby then you may need to get an electrician to put a socket in for you. 


If you are in any doubt contact us and we can discuss this with you.