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How To Sanitise your Water Cooler

Basic Service and Sanitisation and Filter Change process for Tank Fed Units

1) Turn Water supply off. IF ACIS 200 or Aquator or unit that can dispense water without power then turn the electric off. 
2) Check drip tray and empty if required (spray with lime scale remover of needed and leave) 
3) Pour water out until ambient / Green Tap stops flowing and a little more 
4) If there is a hot option do not drain the hot water at this stage! 
5) If Acis 500 or unit that requires electric to be on for dispensing then now un plug / turn off electric 
6) Unscrew lid and remove to dispose the water tank 
7) Use Bacterial hand gel to clean hands and put on a suitable latex/ rubber glove 
8) Remove tank lid and baffle plate, taking care not to dislodge floats 
9) If iced up tap the ice and use a nylon brush to remove all ice! 
10) Remove all ice from tank pushing down on the ice often dislodges it otherwise hot water or gentle tapping with back of nylon brush 
11) Use Nylon brush to scour around the entire tank thoroughly applying pressure to the edges as scouring. 
12) Use Nylon brush to scour the baffle plate thoroughly. 
13) Replace baffle plate ensure secure 
14) Measure 25ml ( or amount according to tank size and instructions on sanitisation fluid) of sanitisation fluid and pour into the tank 
15) Replace lid and turn water supply back on 
16) Pour a small amount of water through both taps so sanitisation fluid is in pipes 
17) Leave sanitisation fluid for 5 + minutes or according to the sanitisation fluid manufacturers instructions 
18) If a Filter change is required on a floor standing unit locate the filter, most likely by removing the base place screws if present and front panel or replace filter 
19) If Table top and filter in lid be careful not to dislodge tank, if filter at back place carefully. 
20) Ensure the water is turned off and remove the old filter carefully you will get some drips 
21) Connect the inlet end of the new filter only 
22) Turn the water on and flush through until the water is all clear anything between 1-5 litres. 
23) Connect the outlet end of the filter to the water cooler pipe that connect to the top of the water tank. 
24) Push firmly on each connection and check push fit connections for leaks 
25) Replace front panel of floor standing unit or position filter safely. 
26) Brush metal grate/ heat exchanger at back of unit. 
27) Using Clean cloth wipe round the taps / water dispensing area using antibacterial spray 
28) Wipe down surfaces of dispenser with antibacterial spray 
29) After 5 Minutes of the fluid being in the tank (or according to te manufacturers instructions) turn water supply of and drain tank. 
30) Refill tank (continue cleaning if required) allow time to ensure the water level reaches its maximum. 
31) When tank refilled turn off water and drain completely repeat refill & drain 3 times! 
32) Re fit lid 
33) Plug unit in 
34) Check all connections and that the tank is refilling after use and trip switches are ok, Wipe round area 
35) Check water flowing ok and the machine is switched on.

This procedure / checklist  is provided as guidance only, we will not be held liable for any work undertaken by yourselves. If you are in doubt contact a suitably qualified personnel