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Bottled Water Cooler Vs Plumbed in Water Cooler

Bottled Water Vs Filtered Water from a plumbed in water dispenser /Point of (POU water cooler) 

Purity & Freshness 

Bacteria can grow in the water bottles of dispensers when left standing a room temperature for a few days or more (hence bottles should be turned over quickly). Tap water could be cleaner than the water in the dispenser bottles, although chlorine in tap water can impair the taste. Impurities and the chlorine taste in tap water can be reduced using quality water filters. 

Bottled Water Vs Filtered Water 
Cost Comparison. 

An alternative to bottled water would be for you to upgrade your bottled water dispenser to the a plumbed in water coolers saving costs and improving the quality of your drinking water. Prices are subject to quote for your specific circumstances and may not apply. What we have found in practice 

For 1 dispenser: A bottled water dispenser will typically costs from £500 to £1000 per year excluding hidden costs. A plumbed in water producing better quality water might cost £280 -£400. 

For 8 dispensers: The bottled water dispensers could cost £4,000-5000 per annum. Plumbed in water coolers might cost c.£2,400 per year (i.e. doubling the number of water coolers at a site does not mean that the costs double). 

Bottled Water Vs Plumbed in Water Dispensers 
Hidden costs 

Supplying Bottles to machines 

A substantial hidden cost to businesses is time incurred in ordering the bottled water, receiving the bottles, storing full and empty bottles and chasing bottled water orders that go missing or are delayed. Staff must also lift heavy water bottles to machines (always remembering to remove the sticky label at the mouth of the bottle to prevent damaging the dispenser). These hidden cost can be in the order of £100 to £400 per dispenser per year on top of the visible rental and price of bottled water 


Storage of bottled water can also be costly, with the ever increasing cost per square metre of property most organisations which to optimise space providing a suitable surroundings in which to conduct business. Storage of bottled water takes valuable space which is being paid for and is often unsightly . 

Bottled Water Vs Filtered Water 

Branding Mystery 

Tap water that is purified by a high quality water filters within a plumbed in water dispenser lacks the mystery of 'mineral water', 'spring water' or 'bottled water'. 

However filtered drinking water from a plumed in dispenser can be purer, have more controllable quality, taste better, make better drinks and be substantially lower cost than the alternative. It can also avoid re-ordering, storing and lifting heavy bottles. Cooler water from a plumbed in dispenser has the advantage not running out! 


Bottled Water Dispensers need regular deliveries of new bottles. Weekly bottle supplies for the 100,000 or so bottled water coolers installed in the UK during the 1980's and 1990's is adding tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. The rapidly growing plumbed in water dispensers installed in recent years using water filters cause much less pollution