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​UK Aqua- The Art of Water Cooler Chat

Posted by Gareth on

UK Aqua- The Art of Water Cooler Chat

The need for regular breaks in an office environment is essential to revive those grey cells, and so a trip to the water cooler is the ideal opportunity for a break. Chatting with colleagues around the water cooler is also a good way to make new friends and bond in the office, but if you find this kind of small talk difficult, then do not fear. We’ve put together some essential water cooler do’s and don’ts.

Do - Dispensing advice on how to overcome work problems as well as cool cups of water will always be much appreciated if your colleagues have a work problem.

Don’t - Underestimate what some people will do to get ahead in office politics. Are you really sure that ranting your unflattering views about your manager is wise? Camaraderie is good – totally blowing your cover about what you really think is not.

Do- Ask people questions. Everyone loves to talk about themselves.

Don’t- Drone on about your dull weekend rearranging your pot plants. This is more likely to end up with spending every weekend for the rest of your life rearranging your pot plants. Use the water cooler to make some weekend plans with the colleagues you like instead!

Do- Avoid the subjects of politics and religion. You don’t want to get so so hot under the collar about your colleagues views that you have to douse them in icy water.

Don’t- Sweat the small stuff. The chances are everyone else feels the same about their work as you do. Just be a nice person to be around.

All in all use common sense, after all we have two ears for listening and just one mouth for talking and drinking water.