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Three Ways to Motivate Your Staff

Posted by Helen on

Three Ways to Motivate Your Staff

If your employees are slumped over their desks and groaning, or just generally sluggish and unmotivated, then things might need a shake up. Research proves that happy employees are more productive employees, so read on for three great ways to motivate your workforce.

Listen and Communicate

One of the key reasons staff lose focus and motivation is lack of communication, so always do your best to make sure that your workforce feel engaged in the business. Acknowledge the work they do, and don’t be afraid to explain how things are and how the company as a whole is doing. You should also take the time to listen to employee concerns. Often, the workforce have the best ideas for improvements, so this can only be a win-win situation.

Improve the Environment

Let’s face it, wilted pot plants and beige walls are fairly uninspirational. So giving the office a bit of a make-over can revive not only the environment but your staff too. Think about the different effects that colour has on behaviour;the colour yellow for example literally wakes up the brain and improves concentration. Think too about air quality. A hot stuffy office will make staff sleepy. Add plants to filter the air, install a floor standing water dispenser for cooling fresh water, and turn the heating down a notch.


Surprisingly, most people would rather have a better quality of life and greater work/life balance than more pay, so don’t assume that just raising wages will have the desired effect. You could instead think about introducing more flexibility through work from home days and more negotiable time off.