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Rent a Water Cooler and Minimise on Hassle

Posted by Gareth on

Rent a Water Cooler and Minimise on Hassle

There are many businesses that provide their employees with refreshments facilities these days, such as tea and coffee making facilities and access to fresh, chilled water. Having a water cooler in the workplace has become a popular option amongst business managers and owners because most are fully aware of the benefits that fresh water can provide in terms of improving health, focus and energy, which are qualities that all employers want their workforce to have.

If you’re considering getting a water cooler you have the option to purchase one outright or simply opt for water cooler rental. For many business owners and managers, the latter represents the most simple solution, as it provides a less hassle free way of providing the workforce with access to fresh, cold drinking water whenever they want it.

Why consider renting?

There are many reasons why renting could be the perfect solution for you when it comes to providing a water cooler in the workplace. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Affordability: With many businesses on a tight budget these days, renting a cooler represents greater affordability. You simply pay a fixed price per quarter for the duration of the contract and you’ve got everything covered.
  • Simplicity: When you rent one of these coolers you can benefit from total ease and convenience, as you will be able to get a professional out to install the cooler and if there are any problems you know that someone will always be on hand to get them sorted out for you.
  • Inclusions: By renting a water cooler, you can benefit from a range of inclusions within the contract price, such as all maintenance charges, call out charges and repairs, all of which makes budgeting far easier.

These are some of the key benefits that make renting a water cooler for your workplace a simple and very effective solution.