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Making Your Reception Area More Welcoming

Posted by Reno on

Making Your Reception Area More Welcoming

If you run or manage a business with a reception area, it is always a good idea to look at ways of making your visitors or customers feel more welcome. The reception area is often the first place that your visitors will walk into and what they see or experience there can make a big impression. This is why it is important to think of ways of adding little personal touches to this area, as this can help to ensure that the impression your visitors or customers get is a positive one.

Things that you can do

There are various ways in which you can make your reception area more visitor-friendly. Some of these include:

  • Make sure the area is always tidy: It can be all too easy to let things slide when it comes to tidiness but keeping your reception area tidy is of the utmost importance because of that first impression. If you have magazines or leaflets, make sure they are all tidily stacked or in racks. Make sure the reception area is not too cluttered and that the floor is clear of any spillages or other issues that could cause accidents.
  • Professional reception staff: Your reception staff will also make an impression on visitors so make sure they are professional at all times. Ensure that they do not get into the habit of using their mobile phones while on the front desk, as this can look very unprofessional when a visitor walks in. Ensure that they are smartly dressed or in uniform depending on your policy and that they are properly trained on dealing with customers.
  • Refreshments: It is always nice for visitors to have access to refreshments, particularly if they are likely to be waiting in the reception area for appointments with other staff members. Leaving a couple of bowls of wrapped boiled sweets on the counter is all it takes. You could even invest in a water cooler for your reception area so that visitors can help themselves to a glass of water while they are waiting.
  • Flowers: Another thing you can do is brighten up your reception area with something as simple as fresh flowers. These will help to add a personal touch and will add a splash of colour to your reception decor as well.

All of these little things can have a big impact when it comes to first impressions on your visitors and customers.