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Avoid Dehydration, it's not just a Hot Weather Issue

Posted by Gareth on

Avoid  Dehydration its not just a Hot Weather Issue

Dehydration is a problem that is very common, particularly during the warmer weather and surprisingly during the cold can still occur. Many people find that they are losing more fluid than they are actually taking in, especially when they are at work in an enclosed space and are restricted in terms of what they can do because they are busy working. This is a problem that can lead to fatigue, dizzy spells, headaches and other issues, which is why it is important to ensure that you are properly hydrated. In cold weather if people keep warm coats on in doors whilst shopping or because they think they may become cold, dehydration can still occur as excessive sweating can easily go unnoticed.

If you start to become dehydrated it will not only affect your work and damage your health. For managers and business owners, this could pose a big problem not just because of concern over the health of the workforce but also because of productivity levels, which can be seriously affected by problems such as these.

What can you do?

There are a number of things that you can do to help prevent dehydration amongst your workforce. This includes:

  • Ventilation: Make sure that the work area is properly ventilated during the warmer weather, with plenty of fresh air from open windows or a good, functional air conditioning system that will help to prevent excess perspiration. This can help to reduce the loss of fluid from the body.
  • Clothing: Don’t be too strict about clothing for your staff during the warmer weather. For example, if you have a policy that requires employees to wear jackets, make sure they are able to remove them when they need to otherwise they can lose valuable fluid through sweating. Do not wear outdoor clothes inside when the temperature is adequate 18-22 degrees is where most people find they are comfortable
  • Drinking water: Drinking water is an excellent way of preventing dehydration. In order to make access to fresh drinking water simple and convenient for your workforce, consider investing in a water cooler. This could help to encourage even those who do not generally like water to drink it throughout the day to keep hydration levels up. Little and often is best! In cold weather the body may not feel like it is using as much water but speople still need to remain hydrated to stay focused

These simple tips can help to ensure that dehydration does not cause health problem to your employees and productivity problems for your business.