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Change Your Lifestyle in 2015

With 2015 still in its infancy, many people are still in the throes of trying to work out what their resolutions will be this year. For many it will be to sort out financial matters or relationships. For many others, it will be to improve their lifestyles and enjoy better health. When it comes to the latter, there are [...]

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January Reminder of the Key Benefits of Drinking Water.

A Reminder of The Key Benefits of Drinking WaterWhile most of us are well aware that drinking water is highly beneficial to our health in many ways, a surprising number of us fail to drink anywhere near as much water as we should. When we get thirsty it’s all too easy to reach for a can of fizzy drink [...]

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Azure Have re-branded to become - Borg and Overstrom

Late this year one of the Europe’s leading designer and Manufacturers of water Coolers Azure completed a re-brand. Taking the name most associated with its leadingClassic and Elite WaterCoolers Borg & Overstrom . In Addition to the re-naming of the organisation there has been some changes to the water cooler products names also . The table below shows the [...]

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Three Ways to Motivate Your Staff

Three Ways to Motivate Your StaffIf your employees are slumped over their desks and groaning, or just generally sluggish and unmotivated, then things might need a shake up. Research proves that happy employees are more productive employees, so read on for three great ways to motivate your workforce. Listen and CommunicateOne of the key reasons staff lose focus and [...]

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Getting in Shape – With Water

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. But if your own waistline is expanding as well, then dropping a few pounds for the festive party season could be top of your Christmas wish list.If this seems like an impossible task, and willpower isn’t your strong point, then take heart. The good news is that drinking water can help [...]

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​Concern over bisphenol-a (BPA) and Water Cooler Bottles

Concern over bisphenol-a (BPA) and Water Cooler  Bottles Water coolers are a great way of dispensing bottled water without it being stored in plastic. After a new study published in this month's issue of Environmental Pollution, reveals there could possibly be health implications caused by drinking water from bottles that have been stored in a warm place. Researchers from the University of [...]

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​UK Aqua- The Art of Water Cooler Chat

UK Aqua- The Art of Water Cooler ChatThe need for regular breaks in an office environment is essential to revive those grey cells, and so a trip to the water cooler is the ideal opportunity for a break. Chatting with colleagues around the water cooler is also a good way to make new friends and bond in the office, [...]

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Creating Good Health in the Workplace

Figures just released from the Office of National Statistics, show that on average, each UK worker took 4.4 days off in 2013 as a result of sickness, compared to 7.2 days off in 1993. This fall in absenteeism will be good news for employers,yet ‘duvet day’s’ and losing staff to long term sicknessand stress can still be a major [...]

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The Importance of Water Filtration

Most of us are well aware of the health benefits of drinking more water. Improving your consumption of water results in; increased energy and concentration, help with weight loss, the removal of toxins from the body, the delivery of vital nutrients to cells, and help in eliminating headaches. These are just some of the many rewards for increased hydration. [...]

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