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One Cup Cup Dispenser

Posted by Gareth on

Have you ever noticed how the cup dispensers on or near water dispensers often dispense cups a little to liberally!

You want a few gulps of water and end up with 3 cups in your hand and 4 on the floor! This is both bad for the environment if plastic cups on the floor end up in the bin , as they often do, and is a clear waste of money !

Well finally it may not be sliced bread but …. it solves this issue…. A single cup cup dispenser is now available  hurrah!

Just some of the amazing benefits- 

o Hygienic – cuts the risk of cross contamination – especially in health related locations

o Reliable – strong but simple mechanism ensures 1 cup time and time again

o Convenient – versatile magnetic or screw fixing options included

o Eco-friendly – Especially in public locations dispensing cups or cones

o No More Multiple Drop outs – plus a cup capture means no wastage what so ever.

Now available at our website one cup cup dispenser

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